Novi Zagreb and porosity

I always wanted to explore Novi Zagreb and the other day the chance was there to wander around for a couple of hours. Novi Zagreb is like New Belgrade a massive new urban development that in both cases is connected to the old center of town with bridges across the river Sava. (See the book on Lefebvre and the project on New Belgrade he was involved in here)


What drives my curiosity is the fact that these examples of mono functional and fragmented urban areas are similar to suburbs in EG around Copenhagen but at the same time very different: They are places where people want to live and not the – in some cases – social china syndromes or ghettos that we often see in western suburbs.

So what is the difference between Novi Zagreb and the suburbs of Copenhagen that I know? The series of photos here show that Novi Zagreb is constantly being used and appropriated in ways that can be seen and – mostly – enjoyed. It is this sense of dwelling where the use of the place is also changing it in both visible and non visible ways. A porosity or openness to collective storytelling and an urban culture that is driven by the citizens.


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