Planning in 1 : 1

Riding on the train back from Zurich yesterday it reminded me of the constructions that are build as a part of the planning process to show in 1 : 1 what the size of a new building would be like – in german they are called “Bauprofile”.

For me this could be a starting point to “make the discussion about space more spatial” – more concrete and inclusive.

This blogpost (in german) describes it quite well in the sense that  “ich muss es halt einfach wirklich vor mir sehen um mir in etwa ein Bild machen zu können. Die Pläne bleiben für mich einfach Papier mit Strichen und Zahlen;-))”  – I have to see it for real in order to make my image – (of the house) The plans stays just paper with lines and numbers.

These structures can big in the big scale (sorry for the bad quality photo)

Or small scale – its a bit hard to see but the red spots mark the future extension of the house


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